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July 27, 2012 xtreme Crossbows

The main focus that is stated by Darton Archery with its range of crossbows is the pursuit of performance and accuracy. The crossbows are shock free and fast and accurate and have had a few features built into them to ensure they protect the shooter and keep them comfortable. One of those important protective features is a large protective guard that prevents the shooter from placing their fingers in the path of the string by accident.

The crossbows in the Darton range also feature an anti-dryfire system that is completely fail safe which will protect both the shooter and bow from injury and damage. All models feature quad limbs and standard string suppressors for reduced vibration and noise.

There are four different models in the Darton crossbow range. The Terminator has a 165 pound draw weight and reaches speeds of 340fps. The Serpent has a 170 draw weight to shoot at 355 fps. The Serpent LTD II has a 180 pound draw weight with speeds of 355 fps. The FireForce is new for 2012 and it has 185 pounds of draw weight and a stated speed of 400 fps.

All models in the range are available in a camo finish while the FireForce and the Serpent LTD II are also available in black.

Featured below is a selection of Darton Crossbows that are available for sale. These crossbows represent a small taste of what the Darton company offers.

Buy A Darton Crossbow

Darton Viper SS Xtreme Crossbow
Darton Viper SS Xtreme Crossbow
Time Remaining: 2d 6h 18m
Darton Viper SS crossbow Truglo scope
Darton Viper SS crossbow Truglo scope
$400.00 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 3d 3h 18m
14 Darton Viper SS Crossbow Package
14 Darton Viper SS Crossbow Package
Time Remaining: 13d 23h 56m
Buy It Now for only: $799.99
14 Darton Viper SS Xtreme Crossbow Package
14 Darton Viper SS Xtreme Crossbow Package
Time Remaining: 14d 41m
Buy It Now for only: $949.99

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Further down the page is a list of individual crossbows with an accompanying brief description. Click on the link to be taken to the individual crossbow page to get specification details and more information.

Darton Crossbow Models – Information and Sales

Darton Terminator
The Terminator crossbow is a great example of a great performance crossbow that also represents good value for money. The bow has been developed with the trigger forward design allowing for a longer power stroke.
  Darton Serpent
The Serpent is the easiest cocking 170 pound crossbow you will ever find. The bow has been built with positive limb alignment for greater accuracy.
  Darton Serpent LTD II
The Serpent LTD II has been designed to bring improved performance on the target range. This is a crossbow that is smooth quiet and well balanced.
  Darton FireForce
Theis is a crossbow that is flat out fast, durable and accurate. The crossbow has a compact front riser and oversized Quad Ball Bearings on larger axles to bring this power packed bow to the market.

Return to the main crossbows page for a more complete list of the different crossbow manufacturers as well as a larger range of crossbows for sale.

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