There are numerous different ways to enjoy the sport of archery from the competitive target archery range to the wilds of bow hunting. You might want to challenge yourself against others who love the sport with a more regulated atmosphere or simply enjoy the challenge of hunting down and harvesting wild game.

Apart from the desire to want to do your best when taking your bow and shooting some arrows there are going to be some decisions to be made first. What type of bow are you going to shoot? It may seem like an obvious choice but you will be choosing from a vast range of bow types such as recurve bows, compound bows, crossbows and even longbows. Then, within your selected bow type you will be faced with an even more daunting selection of bow manufacturers and models to choose from.

Fortunately there are many professionals and seasoned archers who will be able to offer you some advice. Remember, though, that the latest and (seemingly) greatest bow is not always going to be the one that will suit your body type or shooting style the best.

Bows are the starting point but there are many more accessories along the way that are going to be required before you can consider yourself equipped for your chosen sport. Just how many different pieces of equipment you decide to purchase is going to depend on your need for accuracy, your desire to be comfortable and the level to which you want to take the sport.

Arrows is an obvious accessory that must be considered a vital part of your equipment. The arrow must be chosen to suit the size of the bow you are using as well as its power and type. Whether you want to use aluminium arrows, fiberglass arrows, carbon arrows or a carbon/aluminium composite may be up to you and your budget. The weight of the arrows you use should also be considered, if only to remember that the heavier the arrow, the slower it will fly but the harder it will hit.

Accuracy is something that all archers measure themselves by. You can shoot the fastest, most powerful compound bow on the market but if you haven’t yet figured out how to shoot it accurately you may as well not bother. A bow sight will be vital in helping you shoot consistently. It will give you the chance to line up your target and make the necessary adjustments as you shoot. A good bow sight will be of great benefit as you get to know your bow and the way it shoots. It will also allow you to improve as an archer.

A bow release is a piece of equipment that will also aid you in shooting accurately. Rather than releasing the bowstring with your fingers, a process that is fraught with all kinds of outside influences that you are most likely not going to be able to control, you can hook on with a bow release and fire a trigger to mechanically release the string. There are a few different types of releases that gives you the range of choice that allows you to find one that feels comfortable in the hand.

At the front of the arrow is another piece of equipment that could be crucial to whether you experience success or failure when you shoot. The broadhead arrow point is a piece of hunting equipment that will provide you with the cutting capacity and penetration needed to bring down all types of game, large and small. The balance between the diameter of the cutting blades and the weight of the arrow can be delicate but the ability to punch through tough hide and bone is going to dictate the broadhead you buy.

These are just a few of the different types of archery accessories that you are going to find at Xtreme Archery. We will provide you with comprehensive descriptions of as many items as possible to help give you as much information as possible. Product specifications, video demonstrations, manufacturers warnings and descriptions will all be added so that you can determine whether the bow sight, release, stabilizer, compound bow or arrow is going to suit your shooting style.

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